Whatever country you visit, you are bound to find a number of flower shops if not on every street, then every other street owing to the fact that the flower trade is a fast growing industries. In the fifties, the global flower trade was a three billion dollar industry but by 1994, that figure had grown to a hundred billion. However, despite the flower business being one of the most common professions in the world, those involved in it report that ironically, it is not a bed of roses. Most florists have to start their days relatively early and work late, not forgetting the extremely busy streaks that are matched by some very quiet times. If you are prepared for these somewhat extreme variations then you are halfway there to becoming a florist.

The first step is the training and though this is not a course offered in most learning institutions, the fact remains that knowledge is power. One of the few educational courses you can look into is garden design but apart from this, the best way to gain knowledge in floristry is doing some training on the job. You can look into the flower businesses in your area such as Albert Park and find out if you could get an apprenticeship, or even purchase flowers from a florist in South Melbourne to learn the technique and design ideas. This way, you can get all the training you need concerning flower arrangement and presentation, a skill that will come in handy especially with the countless number of ceremonial flowers you will have to deliver such as wedding bouquets and valentine’s day flowers.

Secondly, you should be prepared for aggressive marketing. This means that you should have done your legwork and determined just how many flower shops are in your area and how many are successful. This way, you will be able to know what you should be doing in order to increase your visibility in your area and which the best marketing strategies are. Online platforms for examples are great when it comes to marketing. However, if you don’t utilise the platform well, you will never realise its true potential because the advantages of having an online presence go further than an online delivery service. Aggressive marketing is also important since the flower industry is a seasonal market. You should be able to find ways of cashing in on the low seasons so that you can stay afloat even then.

As mentioned before, a formal education, though not necessary is key. This way, you will learn what you need to do to be eligible for certain awards aimed at recognising florists and garden designers. I know that you are probably wondering why you would concentrate on getting some award instead of making profits but think of the awards as some kind of Oscars. Getting recognition makes you more marketable and will open you up to more clientele and if you are lucky, you may even get clients that require regular delivery such as restaurants, clinics and maybe even offices.

Most professional florists say that the flower business is more of a lifestyle than just a mere job, assisting others with choosing flowers and providing timely delivery is very different from a regular career, look at this florist from Port Melbourne to get an idea about professional floristry. Once you learn how the florist industry operates then you should be able to run a successful business.